A Mini Kirby Guide

I thought of doing something different today. I could have recounted abunch more of my past playthroguhs with other games in the series, but I figure sometimes it is better if you play them yourself. That being said, a helpful nudge may still be in order. Now I will say that the latest game in the series, Kirby and the Forgotten Land is very good. Completing it isn’t very challenging either. Without any guides it took me 25 hours or so to get 100% completion. You might not be going for such a thing, but if you at least want to save all the Waddle Dees, then I can at least offer you some boss tips. After all each boss has a certain time to meet to rescue a Waddle Dee as well as taking no damage to rescue another so some of them can be a little tricky. Usually the time based ones are easier so long as you don’t worry too much about health and keep an extra health item on you as insurance. Typically the no damage runs are the more difficult bit to master. Thankfully as long as you are aware of a few mechanics and upgrade all your abilities, things are a lot easier to manage. Even so it can still be challenging so I thought I would offer up my recent experiences to give some tips. I at least wanted to talk about this game normally once before next week’s post. For anyone who is new and doesn’t know what I mean, check in next week. One last thing, this will obviously have some spoilers since I will talk about some of the bosses from the game. The game has been out for almost a month now so I say it’s fair game.

So the first boss can be a little tricky since by this point you wouldn’t have any powered up abilities to use on it. Sure you could just come back later, but where is the fun in that? Besides, it isn’t meant to be that hard since it is the first boss of the game. This boss has a very big weakness since he doesn’t have any good long ranged attacks. All he really does is throw a boulder that is easy to dodge and occasionally try grabbing you so as long as you pay attention you won’t get hit. Because of this, you ideally want an attack with some range. Now you could go get another ability like the ranger ability before going in to make the fight easier, but if you just want which of the three abilities provided to you is most useful for not taking any damage, then go with the bombs. You can just roll them in front of him and step back because he will just walk into them while trying to catch you. Now the next boss is Woody Tropical Woods. He is in some ways even easier than the first boss to take no damage. The main reason is that now you should have some upgraded abilities. For this one I recommend Volcano Fire since it does burn damage to chip away at its health even if you aren’t attacking it. The major thing to keep in mind is while you can get close, don’t get too close so that you can’t dodge its attacks or get hit by its gate. Once you have his patterns down though, you should be good to go. Next up is Clawroline who is definitely the most agile of the three bosses this far. She can be one of the more challenging ones if you are unprepared. My recommendation is that you make sure to have the Gigant Sword ability equipped for this fight. You should have it unlocked by now. The reason I recommend this one is because you can easily block all of her attacks. For those of you who didn’t know, there is a button to block/ dodge attacks. Which one you do depends on what ability you have. Sword abilities typically block and thankfully the shield you get from the Gigant Sword ability blocks all damage so long as it is hit. Clawroline’s attacks are fast but she usually attacks head on so you can just block her and attack while she recovers. Just don’t go too crazy on combos or let her get behind you otherwise the shield won’t be able to help you.

Now from this point on there are bigger boss spoilers since they were only teased in the trailer and not actually shown. Last chance to back out. Alright then, so next is King Dedede. We all saw this coming. Honestly I feel like they just want to put him as a boss in every game just to remix his theme again. Not that I have a problem with that. Especially because his new theme is so good. You really gotta love the music in this game. So aside from controlling the urge to bop along to his theme while fighting him, I would recommend using the Dragon Fire ability you would have unlock by this point. Not only does it have decent range, but it also allows for the accumulation of damage from burnign him as well. As long as you don’t let him get too close and keep him in flames then everything should work out fine. The next boss, Sillydillo is probably the hardest one to beat without taking damage in my opinion. The main reason is that many of his attacks can be difficult to avoid if you haven’t managed to learn how to dodge roll. This ability is pretty essential to the later parts of the fights since executing a well timed dodge roll will guarentee you take no damage during the run. However, it is very likely for you to make a mistake if you drag things out so I recommend using the hammer as it is the quickest way to beat this boss. Simply dodge roll and charge up your hammer close to him to do some serious damage. Dodge rolling is your friend in this one for sure, but try not to stay too close to the walls or the center. the reason is if you are too close to the walls you have less time to react to the rebound and being in the center makes it harder to get to him in time to do significant damage. Now the final boss that actually requires a no damage run is Forgo Dedede, this game’s version of Masked Dedede. This version has a heavier emphasis on fire attacks, so naturally the best thing you can do is bring the Blizzard Ice ability to the fight. Not only does it protect against the fire attacks, but freezing him in place does massive damage. Not to mention you have excellent mobility. All you have to do is pay attention and time it so you can properly freeze him in his tracks. Otherwise make sure to remain on the move since his speed is no joke. That should about cover it. Remember that this is based on my personal experience, but I hope it might be helpful as a reference. I had fun doing this post so I might do another one of these if the future for some other games if people thought this was decent. Anyway, see you next week where I talk about the main gimmick.

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