Thoughts on Metroid Dread

We have finally reached the end of the year everybody. It’s potentially the start of a new one depending on when you read this/ when I put this out. Truth be told, I am amazed I was able to hold off this long in talking about this game. However, I wanted to do this properly so I waited to the end of the month to address this game. For those who do follow the series, they know this is a game that has been in the making for years and was one of, actually maybe the most anticipated title in the series since it was first teased. It would be such a shame it if didn’t turn out to be a good game after all of that waiting. Well, this isn’t like Duke Nukem Forever everybody, the game is actually really good. It isn’t perfect, but it is one of the most entertaining games I have played this year. I am sure it is a must have for anyone who was remotely a fan of the series before this game came out. I am not a huge Metroid fan myself, but I still find the games fun to play and do appreciate them coming out with new entries into the series. I do hope that there is at least a little less development time necessary if they plan to do a Metroid 6. This is more addressed to those who don’t really have this on their radar. This is a series that needs more attention from people, since otherwise Nintendo won’t give it any mention for the next five years. So I want people to understand why they should get it. I understand it has sold pretty well so far, but just in case people have still reserved judgment or somehow missed all of their promotions for it, I want to show the reasons why it should be added to part of your library.

First off you really don’t have to worry about not knowing about the overall plot. Even though the Metroid series has a more cohesive overall story, it gives you all the information you need before you start the game up proper by having Samus recount her previous missions leading up to this game. You should have to worry about getting lost too often because the game gives you easy access to maps and you will never be short of an ability you need to progress as long as you explore while going back to places every once in a while with new abilities. The game is challenging, but it isn’t terribly unfair with the exception of the E.M.M.I. sections. Those sections can be pretty anxiety inducing if you aren’t careful/lucky, but considering the game is built around the horror aspect all of that is to be expected to a certain extent. Like most games in the series, it is one where the more you play the better you get. Actually, that should be true of most games. The point is that you be rewarded with abilities as you go through and explore so that you can take on bigger and tougher enemies. It also has some really cool moments that I don’t want to spoil, even if you aren’t a longtime fan. The biggest reason though, is that the game is a lot of fun to play. What better reason could there be to play a game? It especially helps that Samus controls like an absolute dream in this game. Again, I understand that the game isn’t perfect, but I think that just about anyone into exploration and platformers can enjoy it so why not give it a shot. I will even give a few tips from my experience in playing the game.

The first is that you will die a decent amount. Don’t let that get you down and focus on the attack patterns of enemies and bosses. As an important note, most enemies and bosses are susceptible to Samus’ counter ability so try and master this so that you can deal serious damage to bosses and other enemies. If you get even better at it, you can even have an increased chance of countering the E.M.M.I. if they capture you. You do get two chances so make sure to time it well, even though it is pretty difficult to pull off. Also, do not be afraid to use missiles for extra damage. You get easily get missile expansions with minimal exploring so do not be afraid of using them when it counts. Another ability you may want to spend a lot of time getting to grips with is the speed booster since it allows you to rinse through most enemies and there are even some bosses that it can be used against to wipe out a significant portion of their health. If you are more into dodging though, I recommend getting used to the phase shifter ability as the midair dodge is insanely useful. It is probably my favorite new addition to Samus’ arsenal and I hope it make a return in future 2D games. Oh and even though you you get them extremely late, remember to use power bombs during the final boss. It makes things a lot easier. The last thing I want to mention is that most puzzles have alternate solutions so if you can’t complete it, that might mean there is an easier or more efficient way of doing it. I learned that one the hard way. That’s all the tips I am willing to share without spoiling too much so with all that said buy the game if you can. You won’t regret it. See you again in 2022 everybody!

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